We offer a full complement of services from electrical design and software development through to manufacturing

Prairie Machine Electrical Services

The focus of the Electrical Engineering team is on the design, testing and troubleshooting of compact, efficient control systems for mobile machines. Through the use of programmable logic controller (PLC) architecture, the Software Engineering team constructs complex, elegant control programs around this hardware with an emphasis on simplicity of execution.


Both teams are experienced with a broad range of hardware and software control platforms, designing and implementing control systems on a wide range of PLC platforms from a multitude of manufacturers, including Siemens, Allen Bradley, General Electric and IFM Efector. This flexibility in design allows us to adapt to any customer request or design specification, customizing each and every project to your particular needs and to our own exacting standards.

The Electrical Department is one of the best at what they do; taking production designs and efficiently giving them form. From large mobile machines to small fixed assemblies, they can assemble your machine’s control system with proficiency and precision, with an emphasis on quickly and cleanly manufacturing compact, precise panel layouts and well-organized wiring runs.

Design Services
Reverse Engineering
Conceptual to Detailed Design
3D Modeling
Design & Fabrication Drafting
3D Modeling & Drafting
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Electrical Controls Design & Schematics
Data Management
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