Manage Belt Tension Automatically

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Belt Storage Magazines

Belt Tension is a constant concern underground. Use the Belt Storage Magazine (Belt Take Up) for dynamic belt storage of a running belt line in the mine.

Tension, but no Stress

The BSM maintains belt tension during startup and operational conditions, with no requirement for an operator.

The Belt Storage Magazine (BSM) uses a set of pulleys on stationary and moving carts to take up or play out extra belt in order to maintain proper tension. This allows operators to extend or retract a belt line while maintaining belt tension.

Fail Safe

By using a hydraulic brake system with a winch drum, the BSM can maintain belt tension even if power is lost. The BSM functions automatically, with no operator required for monitoring.

Built for You

Each Belt Storage Magazine is custom built for specific placement and size. The BSM can be ceiling-mounted, on carts, or stationary.

Standard High Tension
  Belt Take Up Capacity 120 to 1200ft (36 to 365m) 680ft (207m)
  Electric Motor 75HP, 365 TC Frame, 1800 RPM, 3-Phase, 60Hz, Nema B Design 150HP, 365 TC Frame, 1800 RPM, 3-Phase, 60Hz, Nema B Design
  Max T2 Belt Tension 5,000lbs (30,000 x 2/12 strands) 10,000lbs (60,000 x 2/12 strands)
  Max Rope Pull Force 30,000lbf (133.5kn) 60,000lbf (267kn)
  Max Cable Reel (in Speed) 80 ft/min (24 m/min) 108 ft/min (33 m/min)
  Max Belt Reel (in Speed) 480 ft/min (146 m/min) 650 ft/min (198 m/min)
  Max Cluster Speed 40 ft/min (12 m/min) 54 ft/min (16.5 m/min)
  Running Belt Clearance 18in (450mm) wider than belt 18in (450mm) wider than belt
  Belt Width 36 to 60in (900 to 1500mm) 36 to 60in (900 to 1500mm)
  Hydraulic Package Integrated into frame or mounted remotely