True Continuous Conveyance

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Whether you need to haul far and fast, or get material out of tight, winding spaces, the Flexiveyor is up to the task. It is adaptable in confined spaces, and ensures that your mining machine stays efficient and your shafts are kept clean.

PMP Continuous Haulage

The PMP line of customizable continuous haulage systems is compatible with any mining machine in nearly any mining operation.

The Flexiveyor offers the best conveyance option in mining, no matter the scenario.

Customized or Standard

Each Flexiveyor is customized for your needs. Our low-profile, narrow, straddle, and standard flexiveyors meet every conveyance need in mining, featuring improved production and lower operating costs.

Modular and Smart

The Flexiveyor connects as many cars as needed, operating in tandem, to haul your product out of the mine. The Flexiveyor uses best-in-class technology; it is controlled via PLC technology and steering algorithms, enabling it to turn corners automatically.

Low Profile Standard Straddle Over Narrow
  Height 51.7in (1310mm) 85.6in (2170mm) 90.7in (2300mm) 92in (2340mm)
  Width 8.3ft (2.54m) 8.3ft (2.54m) 8.3ft (2.54m) 6.3ft (1.93m)
  Length 460ft (140m)* 460ft (140m)* 460ft (140m)* 460ft (140m)*
  Ground Clearance 6-10in (152mm-250mm) 8in (200mm) 27in (686mm) [adjustable] ??????????
  System Voltage 600V / 1000V 600V / 1000V 600V / 1000V 600V / 1000V
  PLC Siemens Siemens Siemens Siemens
  Total HP 320HP** 320HP** 320HP** 320HP**
  Throughput up to 1200 ton/hr up to 1200 ton/hr up to 1200 ton/hr up to 800 ton/hr
* Length shown is with 23-car installations ** Total power is a function of total number of cars in the system