When One Conveyor Isn’t Enough


The Bridge operates behind any mining machine jointly with your panel conveyor system. Use the Bridge to follow your mining machine into tight spaces where a panel conveyor just won’t fit.

PMP Continuous Haulage

The PMP line of customizable continuous haulage systems is compatible with any mining machine in nearly any mining operation.

The Bridge is a simple, robust conveyance system; customizable for all applications.

Two Layers of Conveyance, Same Space

The Bridge is a series of overlapping and extendable conveyor sections that extends out from your main panel conveyor into tight spaces. A typical four-section bridge system contains a discharge sections, two intermediate sections, and one load section. Each section can be driven independently, or they can be moved in synchronization as one system.

Compact and Uncomplicated

The Bridge system is designed to straddle the panel conveyor belt with the discharge section remaining above the panel belt at all times. The intermediate and load sections are collapsable, and can be used at a variety of angles.

Dimensions Fully Extended Fully Retracted
Height 8.21ft (2.5m) 9.5ft (2.9m)
Length 175ft (53.3m) 126ft (38.4m)
Width 10.7ft (3.27m) 10.7ft (3.27m)

System Voltage 600V 600V
Total HP 285HP (213kw) 285HP (213kw)
Throughput up to 1200 ton/hour up to 1200 ton/hour