No Ore Left Behind

Product Info


The Flexiveyor is made for confined spaces, ensuring that your mining machine stays efficient and your shafts are kept clean.

PMP Continuous Haulage

The PMP line of customizable continuous haulage systems is compatible with any mining machine in nearly any mining operation.

The Beltline Cleanup Flexiveyor is a fully mobile conveyor. It follows behind a mining machine and continuously transfers product while the mining machine is cleaning the floor around and under the stationary room conveyor.

No Ore Left Behind

The Beltline Cleanup Flexiveyor has 3 sets of steerable wheels, 3 conveyor belts, and a self-contained hydraulic system. The cars of the Flexiveyor are hitched together to form a flexible unit, allowing the machine to turn and convey in any position.

Costs down, Production Up

Use the Flexiveyor to attain up to five times faster production, with just half the normal number of operators.

Product Dimensions

  Height (Max Operational) 11.2ft (3.4m)
  Height (Transport) 8.2ft (2.5m)
  Width 12.1ft (3.75m)
  Length 49.8ft (15.2m)
  Ground Clearance 6in (200mm)
  Conveyor Width 48in (1200mm)
  Tramming Speed 0 - 20ft/min
(0 - 6.1m/min)


  System Voltage 600V / 1000V
  PLC Siemens
  Total HP 80HP
  Throughput up to 600 ton/hr