Big Job? Bigger Miner.

Product Info

Xcel Miners 4-Rotor

Xcel 4-Rotor Continuous Boring Mining Machines have been producing millions of tons of ore for over 25 years. They have contributed to record uptimes and continuous improvement in potash, salt, trona, and coal mines.

PMP Mining Machines

Used by some of the most productive mines in the world, each PMP Mining Machine is made to the highest standards of quality, safety, and productivity.

Thousands of Parts, One Purpose

The Xcel 44 Mining Machine is our largest miner. It is designed for mining wider and lower profile rooms than our two-rotor models. The cutting face of the Xcel 44 consists of four rotors, two trim chains, and strategically placed cusp cutters that combine to provide a cutting profile with a flat back, flat floor, and a smooth transition into the ribs.

More Power; More Production

With 400 horsepower, the Xcel 44 provides all the strength you need for wider mining underground. The miner’s optimal design allows you to cut and gather simultaneously, while offering the safest operation of any underground miner.

General Xcel 44 (8'3") Xcel 44 (8'6")
  Cutting Width (Max) 25.8ft (7.70m) 26ft (7.92m)
  Cutting Height (Max) 8.3ft (2.51m) 8.5ft (2.60m)
  Tramming Height 7ft (2.13m) 7.5ft (2.29m)
  Cutting Profile Area 203ft2 (18.86m2) 206ft2 (19.13m2)

Cutting & Tramming System
  Number of Rotors 4 4
  Rotor Motor HP 400Hp (298kw) @ 1200rpm 400Hp (298kw) @ 1200rpm
  Tramming Speed 0 – 20ft/min (0 – 6.10 m/min) 0 – 20ft/min (0 – 6.10 m/min)