25 Years - Millions of Tons

Product Info

Xcel 2-Rotor Miner

Xcel 2-Rotor Continuous Boring Mining Machines have been producing millions of tons of ore for over 25 years. They have contributed to record uptimes and continuous improvement in potash, salt, trona, and coal mines.

PMP Mining Machines

Used by some of the most productive mines in the world, each PMP Mining Machine is made to the highest standards of quality, safety, and productivity.

Your job is to get product out of the mine safely. Let us help.

Seamless Integration; Constant Progress

Each Xcel Mining Machine uses a single chain conveyor to transfer the ore from the face to the back of the machine. The Miner can be easily integrated with our haulage systems, making this a world-class continuous mining product.

Precision Built; Precision Operated

Our Miners are hand-crafted for each customer, incorporating best practice safety features, carefully machined components, and simple yet exact controls.

Different Models for Different Needs

• The Xcel 72A is the largest and most powerful
• The Xcel 72 and Xcel 52 are slightly smaller
• The Xcel 32 is the smallest but perfect for development / panel maintenance

Xcel 32 Xcel 52 Xcel 72A
  Cutting Width (Max) 14.1ft (4.29m) 18.3ft (5.59m) 20ft (6.1m)
  Cutting Height (Max) 8.3ft (2.51m) 11ft (3.35m) 12ft (3.70m)
  Tramming Height 7.1ft (2.13m) 9.5ft (2.90m) 10.5ft (3.20m)
  Cutting Profile Area 100ft2 (9.29m2) 182ft2 (16.9m2) 229ft2 (21.3m2)
  Number of Rotors 2 2 2
  Rotor Motor HorsePower 300Hp (224kw)
@ 1185rpm
500Hp (373kw)
@ 1185rpm
700Hp (522kw)
@ 1185rpm
  Tramming Speed 0 - 20ft/min
(0 - 6.1m/min)
0 - 20ft/min
(0 - 6.1m/min)
0 - 20ft/min
(0 - 6.1m/min)