Does It All

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Say hello to Badger, our 1-ton electric truck that gets the job done. No matter what.

Strong and Silent

The Badger features a powerful body and a zero-emissions battery to meet the tough demands of the mining industry. From three-seater welding trucks to nine-seater personnel carriers, this is the ideal work truck.

Designed with Purpose

The Badger is designed to be the best battery-powered electric mining vehicle in the world.

The Badger is a 1-ton truck built for heavy-duty work. The Badger can be pre-designed as a welder, electrician, or mechanic's truck, or customized to serve your unique needs.

Standard Features

• 4-Wheel Drive 1-Ton Vehicle
• Certified ROPS (Rollover Protection System)
• Regenerative braking; reduces brake wear & maintenance
• A consistent safe ride from the set acceleration limit & top speed governance
• Soft riding coil-over suspension

Optional Features

• Crew Cab Configurations
• Certified FOPS (Falling Object Protection System)
• SAHR (Spring Applied Hydraulically Released) Brake
• Back-up Camera
• Rapid Charge

PMP Electric Vehicles

Each electric vehicle built by PMP includes industry-leading safety controls and energy-efficient features.

Clean Air / Zero Emissions / Zero Compromises

All PMP electric vehicles provide a superior alternative to traditional diesel and gasoline powered vehicles. Even better, our EVs feature zero fuel costs and zero emissions.

Easy to Adopt Electric Drive Technology

PMP Electric Vehicles are designed specifically with our patented modular control system, providing both ease of use and low-maintenance. Because of this, our battery-powered trucks provide the lowest possible cost of operation, especially compared to their diesel equivalents.

Built for Mines

PMP Electric Vehicles are not conversion vehicles, which means that our vehicles are dependable, efficient, and provide lower operating costs. And, when compared to diesel and other electric alternatives our vehicles are highly cost effective with lower maintenance costs and increased operating range.

Product Dimensions
Passengers Reg Cab 2 or 3 - Crew Cab 4 to 12
Wheelbase 110 in - 172 in (280 - 440 cm)
Length 176 - 238 in (447 - 600 cm)
Width 78.5 in (200 cm)
Height 72 - 78 in (180 - 200cm)
Ground Clearance 11.5 in (29 cm)
Turning radius 17 - 23 ft (5.2 - 7.0 m)
Weight 6000 - 6500 lbs (2727 - 2954 kg)
GVWR 10,000 lb (4536 kg)
Tires P235/85R16

Drive 4WD
Max Speed 24 MPH (38 km/h)
Max Range (Unloaded) 65 - 75 miles (105 - 120 km)
Max Range (Payload) 40 - 55 miles (65 - 90 km)
Max Payload 4000 - 7200 lbs (1800 - 3265 kg)
Max Towing 10,000 lbs (4536 kg)
Power 110 hp (82 kW)
Power (Constant) 40 hp (30 kW)
Torque 220 lb*ft (295 Nm)