Belt Deployment The Easy Way

Product Info

Auto Deploy Conveyor Structure System

Manually deploying belt supports is time-consuming and unsafe. Using the Auto Deploy Conveyor Structure System (ADCSS) you can preload Cassettes of belt stands onto the Cassette Platform.

Drag to Deploy

The first stand is tethered to the ground or to the existing structure, forcing the proceeding stands to deploy from the Sled as it is towed.

The Auto Deploy Conveyor Structure System is used to place conveyor stands under a conveyor belt during belt advancement.

Like all our conveyance equipment, the Angle Station features easy-access parts so components can be swapped easily.

Technical Specs

  Stands per Cassette 12
  Spacing Between Deployed Stands 80in (2000mm)
  Belt Width 48in (1150mm)
  Hydraulic System Externally Supplied (2000psi)
  Total Deployed Length 12 x 81in = 81ft (25m)