PMP’s Engineering Department can design and build durable Conveyor Systems to operate in any environment.

PMP Custom Services

Let PMP work with you through all stages of the product development cycle. Our team designs and manufactures everything from rugged carts to complex mining machines.

We understand that each project is unique so we have a full-service facility offering everything our customers require.

Conveyor Systems

A customer needed to convey mined ore from the end of their Flexiveyor to the mainline belt. To solve this specific issue, we developed a floor conveyor to cover this gap.

The entire length of the conveyor is open, providing access for the Flexiveyor to dump onto it. This conveyor configuration is 320-feet long, consisting of one tail section, 14-equal base sections, one transition section, and one discharge section. The discharge section drives a 42-inch wide belt at a speed of 480 feet per minute. Safety features include pulley guards, and an E-stop cable along the length of the conveyor.